Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Gogo games- K.O

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Hello, i'm going to teach you a Gogo game step by step:
1. Each player must place the same number of Gogos inside a circle or square .
2. Each player throws his/her Gogos 2 metres away and tries to knock the other players Gogo out of the circle or squre.
3. If you touch a Gogo when throwing, but it doesn't  fall out of the circle or square, put it back in the position.
4. The player that is able to keep the most Gogos inside the circle or square at the end of the agreed number of throws, is the winner.
Why not have a go its very fun!! -charlie (writer of this gogo fan blog)
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Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Welcome!! im going to tell you about the new series 5.   NEW GOGO CUBES:
Gogo's said- Theres no end to the different combinations you can make with your gogo cubes, building scenes for your gogos to have fun!
The most famous gogos are back with a big difference, there in new fuzzy stiles and colours also amazing new gogo cubes to create you own gogo world!!

Here are some pictures of the gogos:

80 SINI PURPLE GoGos Crazy Bones Series 5 SUPERSTAR
70 MINTY GREEN GoGos Crazy Bones Series 5 SUPERSTAR

Thanks for looking,  -Charlie (the writer of this blog)