Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Some Superstar Photos!

In the Gogo World there are so many events which go on , we could take 100,000 pictures but sadly i only have a few. Please enjoy!

Thank you for sparing your time too read this.

- GoGo Fan Blogger.


  1. see gogos are not just boring pieces of plastic!!!!! :-)
    declan doesnt really play with his gogos anymore and has stop collecting them now too as we werent very impressed with the newest series where u only got one gogo and a box thingy???? do love all the old series tho esp the one that looks like a clown, hes my all time fave xxxxx
    cool blog post tho charlie xxx

  2. Loving the gogo city..wowswer you would need alot of houses to create that!


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